Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Chapel is home to the Traditional Latin Mass Parish for the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, erected by his Excellency, Bishop Roger J. Foys, on July 16, 2016.


Served by the Missionaries of Saint John the Baptist, all Masses and Sacraments at Our Lady of Lourdes are celebrated according to the Roman Rite Liturgical Books of 1962. You can find out more about the Missionaries at http://www.msjb.info/.

Advent is Coming . . . Download Worksheet

Advent is Coming Worksheet
Advent is Coming.pdf
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Advent is a good time to review the duties of our state in life. A summary can be found on our School of Virtue Tab under the Penance! Penance! Penance! title.


Also, consider reviewing the various Examinations of Conscience found near the confessions times here.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception . . .


Sunday December 8 -- 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM (High)


2019 MSJB Christmas Newletters . . .

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS is a war on Christ. Therefore, we need good men willing to enter into the fray as spiritual knights in the court of Christ the King. Our little religious community was recently erected by our good bishop as a public association of the Faithful on September 5, 2019. Though small in size we pray that we may be strong in Faith. At this moment, our community has two priests, as well as two professed brothers in temporary vows and one novice. The two professed are presently engaged in their seminary studies. We pray that they will persevere in their studies and one day be ordained and join us in this war as part of the sacerdotal ranks as traditional priests. We also pray that more men may answer the call to the religious life and the holy priesthood and enter our community. But this great blessing of more men will require additional funds to educate them and prepare them for spiritual warfare. Please be generous as we seek to train and educate future priests.

The War on Christmas is a War on Christ and His Church
MSJB Christmas Octave (2019).pdf
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The Bell Tower Project is Full Swing . . .

Our Upcoming Undercroft Statues

. . . executed by

Present & Future Expenditures . . . $800,000

Income for 2018: $342,000

Although it is best to use a check,

we do accept donations through paypal...


The School of Virtue is opened... Come to any class and learn about the goodness of Virtue.

Classes are held in the Undercroft starting at 12:30 pm every Sunday.

The classes last about 40 minutes.

The Dean of Lourdes, Abbe Peyramale, to St Bernadette:

“Ask the Lady Her name once more, and when we know Her name,

we will build Her a chapel. And it won’t be a little one, I tell you;

it will be a very big one.”


Support Our Lady of Lourdes Latin Mass Parish

Although it is best to use a check, we do accept donations through paypal. If you want to help the Missionaries continue to improve the building and erect a truly magnificent Grotto, please donate using the button at the bottom of the page for MSJB building fund. May God reward you!


Decrees of Erection

Decree Erecting the MSJB as a Public Association of the Faithful
MSJB Decree of Erection.pdf
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Decree Erecting Our Lady of Lourdes as a Full Parish
Official Parish Decree.pdf
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Decree Erecting Personal Quasi-Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes
Decree Erecting Personal Quasi-Parish of[...]
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Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
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Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
Fr. Shannon Collins is installed as Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes
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Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
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Parish Registration Form

OLL parish-registration-form.pdf
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The Grotto is addressed again at the 1:49:50 minute mark of the May 22 Park Hills City Council Meeting...

The discussion is continued here until the 26:30 minute mark...

Our Lady of Lourdes Responds . . .

Our Lady of Lourdes Responds
Many have expressed concerns about the building of our Grotto as a place of prayer.
We have listened to these and provided answers here.
Our Lady of Lourdes Responds.pdf
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