Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Chapel is home to the Traditional Latin Mass Parish for the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, erected by his Excellency, Bishop Roger J. Foys, on July 16, 2016.


Served by the Missionaries of Saint John the Baptist, all Masses and Sacraments at Our Lady of Lourdes are celebrated according to the Roman Rite Liturgical Books of 1962. You can find out more about the Missionaries at http://www.msjb.info/.

Advent is Coming. . .

Download a Helpful Worksheet on Preparing for Advent
Advent is Coming.pdf
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Time to Remember our Beloved Faithful Departed. . .

Our Immaculate Queen, though free from the stain of every sin, nevertheless experienced death for a number of reasons: she wanted to imitate her Divine Son in every possible way; in addition, she died in order to merit for us poor sinners, a holy death such as she died, even the possibility of a peaceful, dormition-like-death. No wonder, then, she came down from Heaven to give us the Brown Scapular. With this Scapular, which gives us a share in Our Lady’s garment, she can make our passing from this world more peaceful, holy, and happy. Let us be sure to wear her Brown Scapular faithfully, which promises us a share in her happy death and gives our loved ones some assurance of our place in the life to come. Even with that assurance, however, we also know we can still offer our beloved dead some acts of love and kindness by hastening their release from Purgatory through our prayers and assistance. Let us also not take lightly those words with which we were clothed with this holy garment: “Receive this blessed Scapular and ask the most holy Virgin that, by her merits, it may be worn with no stain of sin and may protect you from all harm and bring you into everlasting life.” Our Lady always fulfills her promises if we only keep ours.

Read more and learn how to help our beloved departed by downloading this Holy Souls Octave Letter. . .

Holy Soul Octave of Holy Masses
MSJB Holy Souls Octave (2021).pdf
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It is time we built a Niche for Our Lady. . .


Thanks to your continued support, we are  planning to build a beautiful Grotto to complement our parish and provide a place for our congregation to pray and light candles... but most especially to give honor to the highest honor of our race. For how can we have a church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes without a Grotto? We now have the plans according to which we hope to hollow out a place in the rock worthy of Our Lady of Lourdes. Yet, the planned Grotto is modest, with modest statuary to match our modest church. It will be a place of repose and meditation with a water feature set in beautifully landscaped hillside.

Elevar Design Group Architectural Plans for Grotto
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Our Lady of Lourdes Responds to Renewed Concerns over Grotto
Our Lady of Lourdes Responds.pdf
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Fr. Mark Keene's Letter in support of the Grotto
Fr. Mark Keene of St. Agnes writes an edifying letter supporting the Grotto for Our Lady of Lourdes in Park Hills
OUR LADY OR LOURDES - Letter to Adjuster[...]
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Prayer in Time of Affliction


Blessed, O Lord, be Thy Name forever, Who has permitted this affliction to come upon us. We cannot escape it, but must of necessity fly to Thee to help us and turn it to our good.

Lord, we are now in affliction. Our souls are ill at ease, for we are much troubled with this present suffering. Let it please Thee, O Lord, to deliver us, for, poor wretches that we are, what can we do without Thee? Thy mighty Hand can do all things.

Give us patience, O Lord, and strength and peace. Help us, O God, and we will not fear, no matter how grievously we may be afflicted. O Lord, “Thy Will be done!” Welcome be the Will of God! Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee

Guidelines for Fulfilling Sunday Obligation . . .

Fulfilling Our Sunday Obligation
A short explanation of what is required for the fulfillment of the Sunday Obligation
Sunday Obligation Guidelines.pdf
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Help the Missionaries Build Beautiful Edifices for His Majesty and His Holy Mother . . .

Although it is best to use a check,

we do accept donations through paypal...


The Dean of Lourdes, Abbe Peyramale, to St Bernadette:

“Ask the Lady Her name once more, and when we know Her name,

we will build Her a chapel. And it won’t be a little one, I tell you;

it will be a very big one.”


Support Our Lady of Lourdes Latin Mass Parish

Although it is best to use a check, we do accept donations through paypal. If you want to help the Missionaries continue to improve the building and erect a truly magnificent Grotto, please donate using the button at the bottom of the page for MSJB building fund. May God reward you!


Decrees of Erection

Decree Erecting the MSJB as a Public Association of the Faithful
MSJB Decree of Erection.pdf
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Decree Erecting Our Lady of Lourdes as a Full Parish
Official Parish Decree.pdf
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Decree Erecting Holy Family Chapel in Union as an Oratory
Decree for Holy Family Oratory Chapel.pd[...]
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Decree Erecting Personal Quasi-Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes
Decree Erecting Personal Quasi-Parish of[...]
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Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
Adobe Acrobat document [273.7 KB]
Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
Fr. Shannon Collins is installed as Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes
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Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
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The Grotto is addressed again at the 1:49:50 minute mark of the May 22 Park Hills City Council Meeting...

The discussion is continued here until the 26:30 minute mark...

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