Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Chapel is home to the Traditional Latin Mass Parish for the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, erected by his Excellency, Bishop Roger J. Foys, on July 16, 2016.


Served by the Missionaries of Saint John the Baptist, all Masses and Sacraments at Our Lady of Lourdes are celebrated according to the Roman Rite Liturgical Books of 1962. You can find out more about the Missionaries at http://www.msjb.info/.

MSJB Newsletter for the Holy Souls Octave of Masses. . .

Great men and women saints died holy and remarkable deaths. This is because they were faithful to God and kept His Commandments unto the end. Yet, as everyone knows, most do not have such a death is leaving this life. God, however, in His infinite Mercy and Love, has provided another way for those who fail to die to the world and themselves so perfectly as to have such a precious death. He provides a way for them to die anew in the purifying fires of Purgatory such that their leaving that place below to rise up to heaven is precious and beautiful. What they failed to do on earth, they do there. To make this possible for them, we are required to help. Let us, then, pray for the Poor Souls and strive to shorten our own Purgatory.

2020 Holy Souls Octave of Masses
Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Faithful
MSJB Holy Souls Octave (2020).pdf
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Normal Mass Schedule and Devotions have resumed at Our Lady of Lourdes  . . .


Please Note: (1) The obligation to attend Mass is still suspended at this time. (2) The pews are marked where people may attend Mass in the upper church as well as where to wait in line for confession. Families can sit together. (3) Overflow will be provided in the Undercroft. We are able to hold as much as 33% of our capacity in the upper church and the same percentage in the lower social hall. This should allow us to accommodate 60-65 persons in each location for a total of 120-130 for each Sunday Mass. May God reward you!


Click on the button below to listen to message of our Bishop Roger Foys on the re-opening of our churches...


Prayer in Time of Affliction


Blessed, O Lord, be Thy Name forever, Who has permitted this affliction to come upon us. We cannot escape it, but must of necessity fly to Thee to help us and turn it to our good.

Lord, we are now in affliction. Our souls are ill at ease, for we are much troubled with this present suffering. Let it please Thee, O Lord, to deliver us, for, poor wretches that we are, what can we do without Thee? Thy mighty Hand can do all things.

Give us patience, O Lord, and strength and peace. Help us, O God, and we will not fear, no matter how grievously we may be afflicted. O Lord, “Thy Will be done!” Welcome be the Will of God! Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee

Guidelines for Fulfilling Sunday Obligation . . .

Fulfilling Our Sunday Obligation
A short explanation of what is required for the fulfillment of the Sunday Obligation
Sunday Obligation Guidelines.pdf
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The Bell Tower Project is Finished . . .

Present & Future Expenditures . . . $580,000

Income for 2019: $366,000

Although it is best to use a check,

we do accept donations through paypal...


The Dean of Lourdes, Abbe Peyramale, to St Bernadette:

“Ask the Lady Her name once more, and when we know Her name,

we will build Her a chapel. And it won’t be a little one, I tell you;

it will be a very big one.”


Support Our Lady of Lourdes Latin Mass Parish

Although it is best to use a check, we do accept donations through paypal. If you want to help the Missionaries continue to improve the building and erect a truly magnificent Grotto, please donate using the button at the bottom of the page for MSJB building fund. May God reward you!


Decrees of Erection

Decree Erecting the MSJB as a Public Association of the Faithful
MSJB Decree of Erection.pdf
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Decree Erecting Our Lady of Lourdes as a Full Parish
Official Parish Decree.pdf
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Decree Erecting Personal Quasi-Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes
Decree Erecting Personal Quasi-Parish of[...]
PDF File [135.2 KB]
Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
Adobe Acrobat document [273.7 KB]
Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
Fr. Shannon Collins is installed as Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes
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Article from Diocesan Newspaper, The Messenger
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Parish Registration Form

OLL parish-registration-form.pdf
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The Grotto is addressed again at the 1:49:50 minute mark of the May 22 Park Hills City Council Meeting...

The discussion is continued here until the 26:30 minute mark...

Our Lady of Lourdes Responds . . .

Our Lady of Lourdes Responds
Many have expressed concerns about the building of our Grotto as a place of prayer.
We have listened to these and provided answers here.
Our Lady of Lourdes Responds.pdf
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