The Traditional Latin Mass

We recommend Treasure and Tradition by Lisa Bergman for learning and understanding the Traditional Latin Mass.

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Learn how to participate in the Holy Mass at the highest level. Bd. Francis Palau, OCD teaches us how to enter into the courtroom of God, opened for hearing cases at the second consecration, and make our case for overcoming evil and the permissions of the devil to harrass the Church and the world. He explains this high level active participation in the Holy Mass in his book The Struggle of the Soul with God. You can download it using the link below.

The Struggle of the Soul with God by Bd. Francis Palau, OCD
The Struggle of the Soul with God.pdf
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Blessed Margaret of Castello & the Eucharist
Read here how the blind from birth Bd. Margaret of Castello saw His Majesty at the Mass from the Consecration to the Communion of the Priest. This shows how the heavenly courtroom is truly open at that time. Let us pray hardest at this part of the Mass, giving Thanks, Praise, and Adoration, as well as making Atonement for our faults and those of others, and finally, setting forth our Petitions to be considered in the heavenly court.
Bld Margaret of Castello.pdf
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Complete Works/Writings of Bd. Francis Palau
Bd. Francis Palau Writings.pdf
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